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  •  Additional Weekly LIVE Training Sessions with Billy:  On these trainings, Billy reviews YOUR campaigns and other student campaigns WITH YOU to help you make them better. Alternatively, Billy may shift the focus of the day to a Sales Training, Mindset Training, or something else that will help you make more money.
  •  Group Support Sessions:  Hop into any of our small group support sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays where the expert BGIM team makes themselves available to help you with your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube ads, Campaign Strategy, Sales Techniques, Content Creation, Video Production, Technical Questions, and MORE! You'll be able to just show up with your questions and leave with answers.
  • Invitation to our Semi-Annual Meet-ups:  Our community of ELITE GENEIUSES have traveled around the world to attend these. Not only will you learn a ton of advanced techniques at these Meet-ups, but you’ll meet the greatest people and make the most valuable connections of your life… and we have a lot of fun too. 
  •   Our Database of search-and-deploy templates and proven campaigns - Get some of the most powerful ads we've tested on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and (literally) swipe dozens and dozens of campaigns you can use for your own business with the click of a few buttons. 
  •   Eligibility to become a Certified Partner which means we can send you customers!

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